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Netflix Quiz: Discover how much you really know about the thrilling “Outer Banks”!

Netflix Quiz: Discover how much you really know about the thrilling

Welcome to the Quiz! How well do you know ? This is your opportunity to test your knowledge on this gripping, adventure-filled series. From intricate plot twists to character insights, let's see if you are a true Outer Banks aficionado. Ready to take the challenge?

What is the name of the group of friends in Outer Banks?
The Pogue-Kooks
The Outer Banks
Who is the antagonist in Outer Banks?
Ward Cameron
John B
What is the treasure that the Pogues are chasing in Outer Banks?
The Royal Merchant's gold
The Diver's booty
The Island's treasure
The Golden
Who is Sarah Cameron's real brother?
Rafe Cameron
John B
What is John B's full name in Outer Banks?
John Booker Routledge
John Banks Routledge
John B
John Booker
Who is the sheriff in the first season of Outer Banks?
Sheriff Peterkin
Sheriff Cameron
Sheriff John B
Sheriff Pogues

Outer Banks: A Dive into the Adventure

Outer Banks is a thrilling Netflix series that shot to popularity for its captivating plot, intriguing characters, and a unique blend of adventure, romance, and mystery. Set in North Carolina's Outer Banks, it paints a vivid picture of a group of teenagers, termed as ‘Pogues,' embarking on a treasure hunt that holds the potential to change their lives forever.

Main Characters

  • John B (John Booker Routledge) – The charismatic leader of the Pogues.
  • Sarah Cameron – The rebellious queen bee from the wealthy ‘Kooks'.
  • JJ – John B's loyal best friend with a troubled home life.
  • Kiara “Kie” – The fiercely independent and social -driven Pogue.
  • Pope – The brains of the Pogues, who is determined to secure a scholarship for his future.

Plot Overview

The story kicks off when John B, the Pogues' leader, discovers a shipwreck linked to his missing father. This revelation sets the group on a high-stakes quest to find the legendary treasure of the Royal Merchant worth 400 million in gold. Throughout their journey, they face numerous challenges, including conflicts with the wealthy ‘Kooks', law enforcement, and rival treasure hunters. The series masterfully weaves elements of friendship, love, and betrayal, making it a must-watch for all adventure and mystery enthusiasts.

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Test Your Knowledge

Now that you've refreshed your memory on the Outer Banks, are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Our quiz will take you on a journey through the sandy dunes, tumultuous sea, and the secretive corners of the Outer Banks. Answer questions about your favorite characters, key plot points, dramatic scenes, and hidden secrets. Get ready to jump into the wild world of the Outer Banks once again!

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